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This is a list of Android apps that I think are the best in class or at least interesting. (I don't own an iPhone, so I can't comment on that. . .)

As I discover new apps I will gradually add to the list below, so be sure to check back regularly.

Last updated: 15th November 2018

My Apps #

Wanderfile #

Allows you to log where you have been in the world using maps and lists. You can log countries, districts of countries and major cities. You can share a multitude of maps in picture form with your friends / family as well, which are produced on demand. It also provides cost and useful travel information for all countries (Disclaimer: I made this app)

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Email #

TypeApp or BlueMail #

These two represent the best free email apps on the playstore. I have found nothing better (unless you need specific security measures like PGP or S/MIME).

Now just to clear something up...TypeApp and BlueMail are made by the same people, and operate in the same way. The only difference is the way they look (flat vs material design) and the default settings for some settings. essentially download both and then check which interface layout you prefer. I personally use TypeApp..

App Link


MailDroid #

This is my main email app, as it has features that I haven't found in any other app. I would say that most likely if you want a general day to day email app you are better off with TypeApp or Bluemail. However, if you want to take advantage of the extra features (signing and encryption) that become available when you use PGP or S/MIME, then MailDroid is the app for you.

I can understand that encrypting emails may be a bit much for most people as it is just a hassle, but signing emails is actually a great way of confirming to the recipient that the email came from you (and only you!).

You may be surprised to hear that the recipients typically don't have to do anything to confirm signed emails with S/MIME, as it is quite well adopted. Gmail for example will confirm signed S/MIME emails natively without any special settings.

I personally sign emails using S/MIME, as the process is a tad easier and more accessible than PGP, but you could use either with this app. Unfortunately, there is no Yubikey integration yet, but if it appears I may switch to PGP...we will see.

One thing to note is that there are some separate apps (from the same developer) that you may need to download to use features like signing/encryption and app themes. They are both free on the playstore and I will list them below as well.

MailDroid - Free

MailDroid Pro - Paid

Crypto Plugin - Free (for PGP and S/MIME)

Themes Plugin - Free


Terminal Access (SSH/FTP) #

Termius #

The best SSH/FTP client I have found on android. I can literally manage my server as though I was sat at a computer. The interface is also a breeze to use and navigate.

App Link


TermBot #

This is another SSH app like Termius. This app is not as polished as Termius, but it does have one killer feature: you can use an NFC Yubikey (NEO or 5 Series) when paired with the OpenKeyChain app. This means you no longer need your ssh/pgp key on your phone, which greatly increases security.

This is now my go to app for terminal access to my server. It is also completely open source, so you can contribute to it becoming a really excellent app!

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Security #

SafeInCloud #

There are a multitude of password managers on the android playstore, and I have tried a lot. SafeInCloud however is the best I have found.

The interface is clean and simple, and it backs up your passwords (encrypted) to YOUR cloud storage (dropbox, google drive etc.), but only if YOU want it to. Plenty of customisation options and it can be used on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

This is also one of those apps that you should really buy the pro version of, well worth it.

SafeInCloud - Free

SafeInCloud Pro - Paid


Authy #

A great way to securely store your second factor authentication keys across different platforms. Much better than Google Authenticator.

Although this app is great you should consider hardware security keys, as they are the future. Check out my articles here and here to find out more.

App Link


OpenKeyChain #

This app allows the use and storage of PGP keys. This allows you to sign and encrypt/decrypt files and messages. It also integrates fantastically with other apps to allow PGP keys to be used in all manner of ways with android (email, password manager etc.). BUT the best feature of this app is that it allows you to use a Yubikey (with NFC, so currently the NEO or the new Yubikey 5) which greatly increases security as you don't need to store your private keys on the phone!

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File Management #

Solid Explorer #

Simply the best file manager available for android. Does what it's supposed to and can deal with root. It is not free, but it is worth it.

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