Welcome to TheTestSpecimen! #

This site is intended to be my personal blog, and will therefore contain all manner of information. It generally reflects my opinions and interests, which may or may not appeal to you. I also intend to use this site as a store of information, so you may find some tutorials here and there.

In general, I am astounded and frustrated with the large amount of misinformation and bad guidance provided on the internet. I can see how it is easy to be misled. I see this trend in the multitude of blogs that are now available, but more worryingly from large established (and some might say trusted) websites. I find nothing more annoying than reading product reviews and news, only to find that the information is biased, incomplete, unhelpful, misleading or just plain wrong!

With the above in mind I will simply state that I will try my best to present the FACTS where necessary, and any opinion based content will be stated as such. I am an engineer by trade and therefore don’t particularly like vagueness and nonsensical arguments, so hopefully I can steer clear of any such statements here.

Who is TheTestSpecimen? #

In terms of my background, I am originally from the UK, and have a masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering. I spent the best part of 7 years working for a wind engineering consultant (read: aerodynamic design of skyscrapers, stadiums, bridges, masterplans etc.) based in London. Yeah, and you only thought cars and planes needed aerodynamics! I now reside in Greece (Γεια σου!) as the weather is better, and the sea is warmer!

The above is the official (and short story), but as ever there is more to a person than credentials. I have a passion for software development, photography (both analogue and digital), gadgets and all things tech.